Foundation was designed for and tested on numerous browsers and devices. Here's the rundown on what's tested, and what to do if something misbehaves.

Browser and Device Support

We go to great lengths to ensure that Foundation works as expected on a variety of common browsers and devices. Given how forward-facing Foundation is there are some aesthetic properties which are not supported in older browsers (border radii, box shadows, etc), but the core elements are reliable across the board.

The Grid
iOS (iPhone)
iOS (iPad)
Android 2, 4 (Phone)
Android 2, 4 (Tablet)
Windows Phone 7+

Want IE8 Grid Support?

We know it can be hard to get clients to ditch support for IE8. We're hoping with the auto-update to IE10 release from Microsoft, we won't need to worry about it anymore. Until then, here's a gist with a grid that will work in IE8, just like it did in Foundation 3.

Foundation IE8 Grid
Upgrading from Foundation 3.x?

We've written a comprehensive Migration Guide to help you update your code for an existing or work in progress project.

Get Answers

We've outlined some of the most common frequently asked questions so that you can easily find the answer, as well as given you a way to contact us directly with questions, feedback or concerns.
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This is a modal.

Reveal makes these very easy to summon and dismiss. The close button is simply an anchor with a unicode character icon and a class of close-reveal-modal. Clicking anywhere outside the modal will also dismiss it.

Finally, if your modal summons another Reveal modal, the plugin will handle that for you gracefully.

Second Modal...


This is a second modal.

See? It just slides into place after the other first modal. Very handy when you need subsequent dialogs, or when a modal option impacts or requires another decision.


This modal has video