Using the Sass Version of Foundation

Start using Foundation the way you want, with more control than ever before. We've made it really easy to install using Compass so you'll need a little bit of knowledge before you get going. Visit the Compass and Sass sites to learn the basics if you don't already know them.

Recommended Installation

To create your first project using our Compass extension, you'll need to have the zurb-foundation gem installed. This will install Foundation and all necessary dependencies. Here's the command that will do this for you:

[sudo] gem install zurb-foundation

Note: Make sure ZURB isn't all caps.

Upgrading Your Gem

To upgrade your gem to the latest public release, just paste this snippet into your command line:

[sudo] gem update zurb-foundation

Release Candidates

Stay on top of the latest before official releases by installing release candidates with this command:

[sudo] gem install zurb-foundation --pre

Creating your first project

Compass makes it really easy to start a new project. Since you've installed the Foundation gem by now, you just need to install Compass to get going.

Follow these two steps to get going:

  1. [sudo] gem install compass
  2. cd path/to/where-you-want-your-project
  3. run compass create <project-name> -r zurb-foundation --using foundation

Using Sass Standalone

With Foundation 4, we've removed all dependencies from the framework. This means you can use Foundation with Sass alone and add Compass, Bourbon, or whatever on top of it. To help get going using only Sass, you'll just need to download the files from Github and put them into your project directory. From there you just need to @import the parts of Foundation you need.

Sass Standalone Branch on Github

To import all of Foundation:

@import "/path/to/foundation";

If you want to override the built in variables, you can find them on each component page or grab the entire list from Github. From there, you'll need to link your settings file above your Foundation import, like so:

@import "/path/to/settings";
@import "/path/to/foundation";

If you want to pick and choose which pieces of Foundation you want, the pieces you need are:

/* Each individual part that can be added in */
@import "foundation/components/global";
@import "foundation/components/grid";
@import "foundation/components/visibility";
@import "foundation/components/block-grid";
@import "foundation/components/type";
@import "foundation/components/buttons";
@import "foundation/components/forms";
@import "foundation/components/custom-forms";
@import "foundation/components/button-groups";
@import "foundation/components/dropdown-buttons";
@import "foundation/components/split-buttons";
@import "foundation/components/flex-video";
@import "foundation/components/section";
@import "foundation/components/top-bar";
@import "foundation/components/orbit";
@import "foundation/components/reveal";
@import "foundation/components/joyride";
@import "foundation/components/clearing";
@import "foundation/components/alert-boxes";
@import "foundation/components/breadcrumbs";
@import "foundation/components/keystrokes";
@import "foundation/components/labels";
@import "foundation/components/inline-lists";
@import "foundation/components/pagination";
@import "foundation/components/panels";
@import "foundation/components/pricing-tables";
@import "foundation/components/progress-bars";
@import "foundation/components/side-nav";
@import "foundation/components/sub-nav";
@import "foundation/components/switch";
@import "foundation/components/magellan";
@import "foundation/components/tables";
@import "foundation/components/thumbs";
@import "foundation/components/tooltips";
@import "foundation/components/dropdown";

Compiling Your Scss with Compass

To compile your Scss into CSS you run a simple command that will watch for saves and compile each time you save an Scss file. From the directory of your config.rb file, the command is:

compass watch

If you are in a different directory you can use the same command, but navigate to where your config.rb file is. The command looks like:

compass watch path/to/project

Compiling Your Scss with Sass

sass --watch your/scss/directory:your/css/directory

You can watch individual files or the entire directory, we usually watch the entire directory when using Sass standalone.

Working with Existing projects

There are a couple situations to cover here. You might be adding Foundation to an existing project that wasn't build with Foundation or you might be upgrading Foundation for an already created Foundation Compass project.
Adding Foundation to existing Compass projects

If you've created a project using Compass, but didn't require the Foundation gem, you'll need to install it separately. When you do this you'll get all the necessary files on top of the ones you already have. If something is a duplicate, Compass will ignore it. The steps you'll take to properly install Foundation are:

  1. run gem install zurb-foundation
  2. Add require "zurb-foundation" to your config.rb file
  3. cd path/to/your-project
  4. run compass install foundation
Adding Foundation to existing Rails projects
  1. Add gem 'zurb-foundation' to your Gemfile under the assets group
  2. run bundle install
  3. run rails g foundation:install
Upgrading Foundation Compass projects

Javascript Updates: If you already added Foundation to your Compass project or created the project using Foundation in the first place and just want to copy over any updated javascripts/image assets to your project, use the provided foundation/upgrade pattern below:

  1. cd /path/to/your-project
  2. run compass install -r zurb-foundation foundation/upgrade --force

Settings file updates: You can also upgrade Foundation as a whole, which will override the existing Foundation styles and your settings file. So if you've made changes to your settings file and want to make sure your project is on the latest version of Foundation, make sure you backup your settings file before you begin. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the settings from our file and @import your own so they don't get erased.

We also recommend creating a foundation-overrides.scss file that you can use for your own specific styles. This will ensure that your styles don't get obliterated upon updating. We do not recommend directly editing the Foundation files if you plan to upgrade. To update you project, use the following steps:

  1. Make sure you've updated your system version of the gem or upgrading won't work.
  2. cd /path/to/your-project
  3. run compass install -r zurb-foundation foundation

Creating a project from Git

Sometimes you want to checkout what we've got even before we decide to deploy a release candidate. For these situations, you can install using Bundler.

There are a few different ways to do this, but here's what we recommend:

  1. Setup a folder for your project (i.e. mkdir ~/awesomeapp)
  2. Create a file called Gemfile in the folder you just created with this content:
    source "https://rubygems.org"
    gem "zurb-foundation", :git => "[email protected]:zurb/foundation.git"
    gem "compass"
  3. Change into your application directory (cd ~/awesomeapp) then create a new compass project using the following command:
  4. bundle exec compass create . -r zurb-foundation --using foundation
  5. When you're working on your project, run: bundle exec compass watch

Running multiple versions

If you're planning on running multiple, potentially incompatible versions of Foundation you can isolate them using Bundler as well.

There are a few different ways to do this, but here's what we recommend:

  1. Setup a folder for your project (i.e. mkdir ~/awesomeapp)
  2. Create a file called Gemfile in the folder you just created with this content:
    source "https://rubygems.org"
    # Replace 4.0.3 with the version of Foundation you want to use
    gem "zurb-foundation", "4.0.3"
    gem "compass"
  3. Change into your application directory (cd ~/awesomeapp) then create a new compass project using the following command:
  4. bundle exec compass create . -r zurb-foundation --using foundation
  5. When you're working on your project, run: bundle exec compass watch

Zach Shnackel recently wrote a good article that goes into a bit more detail on this subject: http://zslabs.com/articles/versioned-dependencies-with-compass

Compiling with CodeKit

Previous version of Foundation were a bit harder to compile with codekit because of the structure of the Foundation files. We just went through a round of testing with a default project directory, created with the gem. Here are the instructions to follow to get CodeKit working properly:

  • Create a project: compass create project-name -r zurb-foundation --using foundation
  • Open CodeKit and drag that project folder into the side panel or add it with the "+" button.
  • Compile away!

This works with the default version of Sass and Compass that CodeKit comes with. Since Compass isn't a dependency for Foundation any longer, if you want to use it, make sure you have it installed and @imported at the top of your main .scss file.

Foundation Global Settings and Mixins

We've included a global settings file that holds variables and mixins that are used throughout the entirety of Foundation. Here's a look at that file:

/* Foundation Variables */

/* The default font-size is set to 100% of the browser style sheet (usually 16px) */
/* for compatibility with browser-based text zoom or user-set defaults. */
$base-font-size: 100% !default;

$base-line-height is 24px while $base-font-size is 16px
$base-line-height: 150%;

/* This is the default html and body font-size for the base em value. */

/* Since the typical default browser font-size is 16px, that makes the calculation for grid size. */
/* If you want your base font-size to be a different size and not have it effect grid size too, */
/* set the value of $em-base to $base-font-size ($em-base: $base-font-size;) */
$em-base: 16px !default;

/* It strips the unit of measure and returns it */
@function strip-unit($num) {
  @return $num / ($num * 0 + 1);

/* New Syntax, allows to optionally calculate on a different base value to counter compounding effect of em's. */
/* Call with 1, 2, 3 or 4 parameters, 'px' is not required but supported */
/* em-calc(10 20 30px 40); */
/* Space delimited, if you want to delimit using comma's, wrap it in another pair of brackets */
/* em-calc((10, 20, 30, 40px)); */
/* Optionally call with a different base (eg: 8px) to calculate em. */
/* em-calc(16px 32px 48px, 8px); */
/* If you require to comma separate your list */
/* em-calc((16px, 32px, 48), 8px); */

@function convert-to-em($value, $base-value: $em-base)  {
  $value: strip-unit($value) / strip-unit($base-value) * 1em;
  @if ($value == 0em) { $value: 0; } /* Turn 0em into 0 */
  @return $value;

@function em-calc($values, $base-value: $em-base) {
  $max: length($values);

  @if $max == 1 { @return convert-to-em(nth($values, 1), $base-value); }

  $emValues: ();
  @for $i from 1 through $max {
    $emValues: append($emValues, convert-to-em(nth($values, $i), $base-value));
  @return $emValues;

/* Support for the old syntax */

@function emCalc($values){
  @return em-calc($values);

/* Maybe you want to create rems with pixels */
/* $rem-base: 0.625 !default; /*Set the value corresponding to body font size. In this case, you should set as: body {font-size: 62.5%;} */
/* @function remCalc($pxWidth) { */
/*   @return $pxWidth / $rem-base * 1rem; */
/* }

/* Change whether or not you include browser prefixes */
$experimental: true !default;

/* Various global styles */

$default-float: left;

$body-bg: #fff;
$body-font-color: #222;
$body-font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
$body-font-weight: normal;
$body-font-style: normal;

/* Font-smoothing */

$font-smoothing: antialiased;

/* Text direction settings */

$text-direction: ltr;

/* Colors */

$primary-color: #2ba6cb;
$secondary-color: #e9e9e9;
$alert-color: #c60f13;
$success-color: #5da423;

/* Make sure border radius matches unless we want it different. */

$global-radius: 3px;
$global-rounded: 1000px;

/* Inset shadow shiny edges and depressions. */

$shiny-edge-size: 0 1px 0;
$shiny-edge-color: rgba(#fff, .5);
$shiny-edge-active-color: rgba(#000, .2);

/* Control whether or not CSS classes come through in the CSS files. */

$include-html-classes: true;
$include-print-styles: true;
$include-html-global-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-type-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-grid-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-visibility-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-button-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-form-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-custom-form-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-media-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-section-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-orbit-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-reveal-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-joyride-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-clearing-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-alert-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-nav-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-top-bar-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-label-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-panel-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-pricing-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-progress-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-magellan-classes: $include-html-classes;
$include-html-tooltip-classes: $include-html-classes;

/* Media Queries */

$small-screen: 768px;
$medium-screen: 1280px;
$large-screen: 1440px;

$screen: "only screen";
$small: "only screen and (min-width: #{$small-screen})";
$medium: "only screen and (min-width: #{$medium-screen})";
$large: "only screen and (min-width: #{$large-screen})";
$landscape: "only screen and (orientation: landscape)";
$portrait: "only screen and (orientation: portrait)";

/* Cursors */

/* Custom use example -> $cursor-default-value: url(http://cursors-site.net/path/to/custom/cursor/default.cur),progress; */

$cursor-crosshair-value: "crosshair";
$cursor-default-value: "default";
$cursor-pointer-value: "pointer";
$cursor-help-value: "help";

/* Grid Variables */

$row-width: em-calc(1000);
$column-gutter: em-calc(30);
$total-columns: 12;

/* Block Grid Variables */

/* Maximum number of block grid elements per row */

$block-grid-elements: 12;
$block-grid-default-spacing: em-calc(20);

/* Enables media queries for block-grid classes. Set to false if writing semantic HTML. */

$block-grid-media-queries: true;

/* Typography Variables */

/* Heading font styles */

$header-font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
$header-font-weight: bold;
$header-font-style: normal;
$header-font-color: #222;
$header-line-height: 1.4;
$header-top-margin: .2em;
$header-bottom-margin: .5em;
$header-text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;

/* Heading font sizes */

$h1-font-size: em-calc(44);
$h2-font-size: em-calc(37);
$h3-font-size: em-calc(27);
$h4-font-size: em-calc(23);
$h5-font-size: em-calc(18);
$h6-font-size: 1em;

/* Subheaders */

$subheader-line-height: 1.4;
$subheader-font-color: lighten($header-font-color, 30%);
$subheader-font-weight: 300;
$subheader-top-margin: .2em;
$subheader-bottom-margin: .5em;

/* <small> styling */

$small-font-size: 60%;
$small-font-color: lighten($header-font-color, 30%);

/* Paragraphs */

$paragraph-font-family: inherit;
$paragraph-font-weight: normal;
$paragraph-font-size: 1em;
$paragraph-line-height: 1.6;
$paragraph-margin-bottom: em-calc(20);
$paragraph-aside-font-size: em-calc(14);
$paragraph-aside-line-height: 1.35;
$paragraph-aside-font-style: italic;

/* <code> tags */

$code-color: darken($alert-color, 15%);
$code-font-family: Consolas, "Liberation Mono", Courier, monospace;
$code-font-weight: bold;

/* Anchors */

$anchor-text-decoration: none;
$anchor-font-color: $primary-color;
$anchor-font-color-hover: darken($primary-color, 5%);

/* <hr> element */

$hr-border-width: 1px;
$hr-border-style: solid;
$hr-border-color: #ddd;
$hr-margin: em-calc(20);

/* Lists */

$list-style-position: outside;
$list-side-margin: 0;
$list-nested-margin: em-calc(20);
$definition-list-header-weight: bold;
$definition-list-header-margin-bottom: .3em;
$definition-list-margin-bottom: em-calc(12);

/* Blockquotes */

$blockquote-font-color: lighten($header-font-color, 30%);
$blockquote-padding: em-calc(9, 20, 0, 19);
$blockquote-border: 1px solid #ddd;
$blockquote-cite-font-size: em-calc(13);
$blockquote-cite-font-color: lighten($header-font-color, 20%);
$blockquote-cite-link-color: $blockquote-cite-font-color;

/* Acronym */

$acronym-underline: 1px dotted #ddd;

/* Padding and margin */

$microformat-padding: em-calc(10, 12);
$microformat-margin: em-calc(0, 0, 20, 0);

/* Border styles */

$microformat-border-width: 1px;
$microformat-border-style: solid;
$microformat-border-color: #ddd;

/* Full name font styles */

$microformat-fullname-font-weight: bold;
$microformat-fullname-font-size: em-calc(15);

/* Summary font styles */

$microformat-summary-font-weight: bold;

/* <abbr> padding */

$microformat-abbr-padding: em-calc(0, 1);

/* <abbr> font styles */

$microformat-abbr-font-weight: bold;
$microformat-abbr-font-decoration: none;

/* Form Variables */

/* Base for lots of form spacing and positioning styles */

$form-spacing: em-calc(16);

/* Labels */

$form-label-pointer: pointer;
$form-label-font-size: em-calc(14);
$form-label-font-weight: 500;
$form-label-font-color: lighten(#000, 30%);
$form-label-bottom-margin: em-calc(3);
$input-font-family: inherit;
$input-font-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.75);
$input-font-size: em-calc(14);
$input-bg-color: #fff;
$input-focus-bg-color: darken(#fff, 2%);
$input-border-color: darken(#fff, 20%);
$input-focus-border-color: darken(#fff, 40%);
$input-border-style: solid;
$input-border-width: 1px;
$input-disabled-bg: #ddd;
$input-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
$input-include-glowing-effect: true;

/* Fieldset border and spacing. */

$fieldset-border-style: solid;
$fieldset-border-width: 1px;
$fieldset-border-color: #ddd;
$fieldset-padding: em-calc(20);
$fieldset-margin: em-calc(18, 0);

/* Legends */

$legend-bg: #fff;
$legend-font-weight: bold;
$legend-padding: em-calc(0, 3);

/* Prefix and postfix input elements */

$input-prefix-bg: darken(#fff, 5%);
$input-prefix-border-color: darken(#fff, 20%);
$input-prefix-border-size: 1px;
$input-prefix-border-type: solid;
$input-prefix-overflow: hidden;
$input-prefix-font-color: #333;
$input-prefix-font-color-alt: #fff;

/* Error states for inputs and labels */

$input-error-message-padding: em-calc(6, 4);
$input-error-message-top: -($form-spacing) - em-calc(5);
$input-error-message-font-size: em-calc(12);
$input-error-message-font-weight: bold;
$input-error-message-font-color: #fff;
$input-error-message-font-color-alt: #333;

/* Glowing effect of inputs when focused */

$glowing-effect-fade-time: 0.45s;
$glowing-effect-color: $input-focus-border-color;

/* Button Variables */

/* Padding for buttons. */

$button-tny: em-calc(7);
$button-sml: em-calc(9);
$button-med: em-calc(12);
$button-lrg: em-calc(16);

/* Display property. */

$button-display: inline-block;
$button-margin-bottom: em-calc(20);

/* Button text styles. */

$button-font-family: inherit;
$button-font-color: #fff;
$button-font-color-alt: #333;
$button-font-med: em-calc(16);
$button-font-tny: em-calc(11);
$button-font-sml: em-calc(13);
$button-font-lrg: em-calc(20);
$button-font-weight: bold;
$button-font-align: center;

/* Various hover effects. */

$button-function-factor: 10%;

/* Button border styles. */

$button-border-width: 1px;
$button-border-style: solid;
$button-border-color: darken($primary-color, $button-function-factor);

/* Radius used throughout the core. */

$button-radius: $global-radius;

/* Opacity for disabled buttons. */

$button-disabled-opacity: 0.6;

/* Button Groups */

/* Sets the margin for the right side by default, and the left margin if right-to-left direction is used */

$button-bar-margin-opposite: em-calc(10);

/* Dropdown Button Variables */

/* Color of the pip in dropdown buttons */

$dropdown-button-pip-color: #fff;
$dropdown-button-pip-color-alt: #333;

/* Tiny dropdown buttons */

$dropdown-button-padding-tny: $button-tny * 5;
$dropdown-button-pip-size-tny: $button-tny;
$dropdown-button-pip-right-tny: $button-tny * 2;
$dropdown-button-pip-top-tny: -$button-tny / 2 + em-calc(1);

/* Small dropdown buttons */

$dropdown-button-padding-sml: $button-sml * 5;
$dropdown-button-pip-size-sml: $button-sml;
$dropdown-button-pip-right-sml: $button-sml * 2;
$dropdown-button-pip-top-sml: -$button-sml / 2 + em-calc(1);

/* Medium dropdown buttons */

$dropdown-button-padding-med: $button-med * 4 + em-calc(3);
$dropdown-button-pip-size-med: $button-med - em-calc(3);
$dropdown-button-pip-right-med: $button-med * 2;
$dropdown-button-pip-top-med: -$button-med / 2 + em-calc(2);

/* Large dropdown buttons */

$dropdown-button-padding-lrg: $button-lrg * 4;
$dropdown-button-pip-size-lrg: $button-lrg - em-calc(6);
$dropdown-button-pip-right-lrg: $button-lrg + em-calc(12);
$dropdown-button-pip-top-lrg: -$button-lrg / 2 + em-calc(3);

/* Split Button Variables */

/* Shared styles for Split Buttons */

$split-button-function-factor: 15%;
$split-button-pip-color: #fff;
$split-button-pip-color-alt: #333;
$split-button-active-bg-tint: rgba(0,0,0,0.1);

/* Tiny split buttons */

$split-button-padding-tny: $button-tny * 9;
$split-button-span-width-tny: $button-tny * 6.5;
$split-button-pip-size-tny: $button-tny;
$split-button-pip-top-tny: $button-tny * 2;
$split-button-pip-left-tny: em-calc(-5);

/* Small split buttons */

$split-button-padding-sml: $button-sml * 7;
$split-button-span-width-sml: $button-sml * 5;
$split-button-pip-size-sml: $button-sml;
$split-button-pip-top-sml: $button-sml * 1.5;
$split-button-pip-left-sml: em-calc(-9);

/* Medium split buttons */

$split-button-padding-med: $button-med * 6.4;
$split-button-span-width-med: $button-med * 4;
$split-button-pip-size-med: $button-med - em-calc(3);
$split-button-pip-top-med: $button-med * 1.5;
$split-button-pip-left-med: em-calc(-9);

/* Large split buttons */

$split-button-padding-lrg: $button-lrg * 6;
$split-button-span-width-lrg: $button-lrg * 3.75;
$split-button-pip-size-lrg: $button-lrg - em-calc(6);
$split-button-pip-top-lrg: $button-lrg + em-calc(5);
$split-button-pip-left-lrg: em-calc(-9);

/* Alert Variables */

/* Alert padding */

$alert-padding-top: em-calc(11);
$alert-padding-default-float: $alert-padding-top;
$alert-padding-opposite-direction: $alert-padding-top + em-calc(10);
$alert-padding-bottom: $alert-padding-top + em-calc(1);

/* Text style */

$alert-font-weight: bold;
$alert-font-size: em-calc(14);
$alert-font-color: #fff;
$alert-font-color-alt: darken($secondary-color, 60%);

/* Hover effect */

$alert-function-factor: 10%;

/* Border Styles */

$alert-border-style: solid;
$alert-border-width: 1px;
$alert-border-color: darken($primary-color, $alert-function-factor);
$alert-bottom-margin: em-calc(20);

/* Close Button style */

$alert-close-color: #333;
$alert-close-position: em-calc(5);
$alert-close-font-size: em-calc(22);
$alert-close-opacity: 0.3;
$alert-close-opacity-hover: 0.5;
$alert-close-padding: 5px 4px 4px;

/* Border radius */

$alert-radius: $global-radius;

/* Breadcrumb Variables */

/* Background color for the breadcrumb container. */

$crumb-bg: lighten($secondary-color, 5%);

/* Padding around the breadcrumbs. */

$crumb-padding: em-calc(6, 14, 9);
$crumb-side-padding: em-calc(12);

/* Border styles. */

$crumb-function-factor: 10%;
$crumb-border-size: 1px;
$crumb-border-style: solid;
$crumb-border-color: darken($crumb-bg, $crumb-function-factor);
$crumb-radius: $global-radius;

/* Various text styles for breadcrumbs. */

$crumb-font-size: em-calc(11);
$crumb-font-color: $primary-color;
$crumb-font-color-current: #333;
$crumb-font-color-unavailable: #999;
$crumb-font-transform: uppercase;
$crumb-link-decor: underline;

/* Slash between breadcrumbs */

$crumb-slash-color: #aaa;
$crumb-slash: "/";

/* Clearing Variables */

/* Background colors for parts of Clearing. */

$clearing-bg: #111;
$clearing-caption-bg: $clearing-bg;
$clearing-carousel-bg: #111;
$clearing-img-bg: $clearing-bg;

/* Close button */

$clearing-close-color: #fff;
$clearing-close-size: 40px;

/* Style the arrows */

$clearing-arrow-size: 16px;
$clearing-arrow-color: $clearing-close-color;

/* Style captions */

$clearing-caption-font-color: #fff;
$clearing-caption-padding: 10px 30px;

/* Make the image and carousel height and style */

$clearing-active-img-height: 75%;
$clearing-carousel-height: 150px;
$clearing-carousel-thumb-width: 175px;
$clearing-carousel-thumb-active-border: 4px solid rgb(255,255,255);

/* Custom Form Variables */

/* Basic form styles input styles */

$custom-form-border-color: #ccc;
$custom-form-border-size: 1px;
$custom-form-bg: #fff;
$custom-form-bg-disabled: #ddd;
$custom-form-input-size: 16px;
$custom-form-check-color: #222;
$custom-form-check-size: 14px;
$custom-form-radio-size: 8px;
$custom-form-checkbox-radius: 0;

/* Custom select form element. */

$custom-select-bg: #fff;
$custom-select-fade-to-color: #f3f3f3;
$custom-select-border-color: #ddd;
$custom-select-triangle-color: #aaa;
$custom-select-triangle-color-open: #222;
$custom-select-height: em-calc(13) + ($form-spacing * 1.5);
$custom-select-margin-bottom: em-calc(20);
$custom-select-font-color-selected: #141414;
$custom-select-disabled-color: #888;

/* Custom select dropdown element. */

$custom-dropdown-height: 200px;
$custom-dropdown-bg: #fff;
$custom-dropdown-border-color: darken(#fff, 20%);
$custom-dropdown-border-width: 1px;
$custom-dropdown-border-style: solid;
$custom-dropdown-font-color: #555;
$custom-dropdown-font-size: em-calc(14);
$custom-dropdown-color-selected: #eeeeee;
$custom-dropdown-font-color-selected: #000;
$custom-dropdown-shadow: 0 2px 2px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
$custom-dropdown-offset-top: none;
$custom-dropdown-list-padding: em-calc(4);
$custom-dropdown-left-padding: em-calc(6);
$custom-dropdown-right-padding: em-calc(38);
$custom-dropdown-list-item-min-height: em-calc(24);

/* Dropdown Variables */

/* Height and width styles. */

$f-dropdown-max-width: 200px;
$f-dropdown-height: auto;
$f-dropdown-max-height: none;
$f-dropdown-margin-top: 2px;

/* Background color */

$f-dropdown-bg: #fff;

/* Border styles for dropdowns. */

$f-dropdown-border-style: solid;
$f-dropdown-border-width: 1px;
$f-dropdown-border-color: darken(#fff, 20%);

/* Triangle pip. */

$f-dropdown-triangle-size: 6px;
$f-dropdown-triangle-color: #fff;
$f-dropdown-triangle-side-offset: 10px;

/* List elements. */

$f-dropdown-list-style: none;
$f-dropdown-font-color: #555;
$f-dropdown-font-size: em-calc(14);
$f-dropdown-list-padding: em-calc(5, 10);
$f-dropdown-line-height: em-calc(18);
$f-dropdown-list-hover-bg: #eeeeee;
$dropdown-mobile-left: 0;

/* When the dropdown has custom content. */

$f-dropdown-content-padding: em-calc(20);

/* Flex Video Variables */

/* Video container padding and margins */

$flex-video-padding-top: em-calc(25);
$flex-video-padding-bottom: 67.5%;
$flex-video-margin-bottom: em-calc(16);

/* Widescreen bottom padding */

$flex-video-widescreen-padding-bottom: 57.25%;

/* Inline List Variables */

/* Margins and padding of the inline list. */

$inline-list-margin-bottom: em-calc(17, -22);
$inline-list-margin: 0 0;
$inline-list-padding: 0;

/* Overflow of the inline list. */

$inline-list-overflow: hidden;

/* List items */

$inline-list-display: block;

/* Elments within list items */

$inline-list-children-display: block;

/* Joyride Variables */

/* Joyride styles */

$joyride-tip-bg: rgb(0,0,0);
$joyride-tip-default-width: 300px;
$joyride-tip-padding: em-calc(18, 20, 24);
$joyride-tip-border: solid 1px #555;
$joyride-tip-radius: 4px;
$joyride-tip-position-offset: 22px;

/* Tip font styles */

$joyride-tip-font-color: #fff;
$joyride-tip-font-size: em-calc(14);
$joyride-tip-header-weight: bold;

/* Changes the nub size */

$joyride-tip-nub-size: 14px;

/* Adjusts the styles for the timer when its enabled */

$joyride-tip-timer-width: 50px;
$joyride-tip-timer-height: 3px;
$joyride-tip-timer-color: #666;

/* Changes up the styles for the close button */

$joyride-tip-close-color: #777;
$joyride-tip-close-size: 30px;
$joyride-tip-close-weight: normal;

/* When Joyride is filling the screen, style for the bg */

$joyride-screenfill: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);

/* Keystroke Variables */

/* Text styles. */

$keystroke-font: "Consolas", "Menlo", "Courier", monospace;
$keystroke-font-size: em-calc(15);
$keystroke-font-color: #222;
$keystroke-font-color-alt: #fff;
$keystroke-function-factor: 7%;

/* Keystroke padding. */

$keystroke-padding: em-calc(2, 4, 0);

/* Background and border styles. */

$keystroke-bg: darken(#fff, $keystroke-function-factor);
$keystroke-border-style: solid;
$keystroke-border-width: 1px;
$keystroke-border-color: darken($keystroke-bg, $keystroke-function-factor);
$keystroke-radius: $global-radius;

/* Label Variables */

/* Style the labels */

$label-padding: em-calc(3, 10, 4);
$label-radius: $global-radius;

/* We use these to style the label text */

$label-font-sizing: em-calc(14);
$label-font-weight: bold;
$label-font-color: #333;
$label-font-color-alt: #fff;

/* Magellan Variables */

/* Basic visual styles */

$magellan-bg: #fff;
$magellan-padding: 10px;

/* Orbit Settings */

/* Caption styles */

$orbit-container-bg: #f5f5f5;
$orbit-caption-bg-old: rgb(0,0,0);
$orbit-caption-bg: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);
$orbit-caption-font-color: #fff;

/* Left/right nav styles */

$orbit-nav-bg-old: rgb(0,0,0);
$orbit-nav-bg: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);

/* Timer styles */

$orbit-timer-bg-old: rgb(0,0,0);
$orbit-timer-bg: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);

/* Bullet nav styles */

$orbit-bullet-nav-color: #999;
$orbit-bullet-nav-color-active: #222;

/* Slide numbers */

$orbit-slide-number-bg: rgba(0,0,0,0);
$orbit-slide-number-font-color: #fff;
$orbit-slide-number-padding: em-calc(5);

/* Graceful Loading Wrapper and preloader */

$wrapper-class: "slideshow-wrapper";
$preloader-class: "preloader" ;

/* Pagination Variables */

/* Pagination container */

$pagination-height: em-calc(24);
$pagination-margin: em-calc(-5);

/* List-item properties */

$pagination-li-float: $default-float;
$pagination-li-height: em-calc(24);
$pagination-li-font-color: #222;
$pagination-li-font-size: em-calc(14);
$pagination-li-margin: em-calc(5);

/* Pagination anchor links */

$pagination-link-pad: em-calc(1, 7, 1);
$pagination-link-font-color: #999;
$pagination-link-active-bg: darken(#fff, 10%);

/* Disabled anchor links */

$pagination-link-unavailable-cursor: $cursor-default-value;
$pagination-link-unavailable-font-color: #999;
$pagination-link-unavailable-bg-active: transparent;

/* Currently selected anchor links */

$pagination-link-current-background: $primary-color;
$pagination-link-current-font-color: #fff;
$pagination-link-current-font-weight: bold;
$pagination-link-current-cursor: $cursor-default-value;
$pagination-link-current-active-bg: $primary-color;

/* Panel Variables */

/* Background and border styles */

$panel-bg: darken(#fff, 5%);
$panel-border-style: solid;
$panel-border-size: 1px;

/* Control how much we darken things on hover */

$panel-function-factor: 10%;
$panel-border-color: darken($panel-bg, $panel-function-factor);

/* Inner padding and bottom margin */

$panel-margin-bottom: em-calc(20);
$panel-padding: em-calc(20);

/* Font colors */

$panel-font-color: #333;
$panel-font-color-alt: #fff;
$panel-header-adjust: true; /* Set to false to keep default header styles */

/* Pricing Table Variables */

/* Border color */

$price-table-border: solid 1px #ddd;

/* Bottom margin of the pricing table */

$price-table-margin-bottom: em-calc(20);

/* Control the title styles */

$price-title-bg: #ddd;
$price-title-padding: em-calc(15, 20);
$price-title-align: center;
$price-title-color: #333;
$price-title-weight: bold;
$price-title-size: em-calc(16);

/* Control the price styles */

$price-money-bg: #eee;
$price-money-padding: em-calc(15, 20);
$price-money-align: center;
$price-money-color: #333;
$price-money-weight: normal;
$price-money-size: em-calc(20);

/* Description styles */

$price-bg: #fff;
$price-desc-color: #777;
$price-desc-padding: em-calc(15);
$price-desc-align: center;
$price-desc-font-size: em-calc(12);
$price-desc-weight: normal;
$price-desc-line-height: 1.4;
$price-desc-bottom-border: dotted 1px #ddd;

/* List item styles */

$price-item-color: #333;
$price-item-padding: em-calc(15);
$price-item-align: center;
$price-item-font-size: em-calc(14);
$price-item-weight: normal;
$price-item-bottom-border: dotted 1px #ddd;

/* CTA area styles */

$price-cta-bg: #f5f5f5;
$price-cta-align: center;
$price-cta-padding: em-calc(20, 20, 0);

/* Progress Bar Variables */

/* Progress bar height */

$progress-bar-height: em-calc(25);
$progress-bar-color: transparent;

/* Border styles */

$progress-bar-border-color: darken(#fff, 20%);
$progress-bar-border-size: 1px;
$progress-bar-border-style: solid;
$progress-bar-border-radius: $global-radius;

/* Margin & padding */

$progress-bar-pad: em-calc(2);
$progress-bar-margin-bottom: em-calc(10);

/* Meter colors */

$progress-meter-color: $primary-color;
$progress-meter-secondary-color: $secondary-color;
$progress-meter-success-color: $success-color;
$progress-meter-alert-color: $alert-color;

/* Reveal Variables */

/* Reveal overlay. */

$reveal-overlay-bg: rgba(#000, .45);
$reveal-overlay-bg-old: #000;

/* Modal itself. */

$reveal-modal-bg: #fff;
$reveal-position-top: 50px;
$reveal-default-width: 80%;
$reveal-modal-padding: em-calc(20);
$reveal-box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(#000,.4);

/* Reveal close button */

$reveal-close-font-size: em-calc(22);
$reveal-close-top: em-calc(8);
$reveal-close-side: em-calc(11);
$reveal-close-color: #aaa;
$reveal-close-weight: bold;

/* Modal border */

$reveal-border-style: solid;
$reveal-border-width: 1px;
$reveal-border-color: #666;

$reveal-modal-class: "reveal-modal";
$close-reveal-modal-class: "close-reveal-modal";

/* Section Variables */

/* Padding and hover factor */

$section-title-padding: em-calc(15);
$section-content-padding: em-calc(15);
$section-function-factor: 10%;

/* Titles */

$section-title-color: #333;
$section-title-bg: #efefef;
$section-title-bg-active: darken($section-title-bg, $section-function-factor);
$section-title-bg-active-tabs: #fff;
$section-title-bg-hover: darken($section-title-bg, $section-function-factor/2);

/* Border size */

$section-border-size: 1px;
$section-border-style: solid;
$section-border-color: #ccc;

/* Font controls */

$section-font-size: em-calc(14);

/* Control the color of the background and some size options */

$section-content-bg: #fff;
$section-vertical-nav-min-width: em-calc(200);
$section-vertical-tabs-title-width: em-calc(200);
$section-bottom-margin: em-calc(20);

$title-selector: ".title";
$content-selector: ".content";

/* Side Nav Variables */

/* Padding */

$side-nav-padding: em-calc(14, 0);

/* List styles */

$side-nav-list-type: none;
$side-nav-list-position: inside;
$side-nav-list-margin: em-calc(0, 0, 7, 0);

/* Link styles */

$side-nav-link-color: $primary-color;
$side-nav-link-color-active: lighten(#000, 30%);
$side-nav-font-size: em-calc(14);
$side-nav-font-weight: bold;

/* Border styles */

$side-nav-divider-size: 1px;
$side-nav-divider-style: solid;
$side-nav-divider-color: darken(#fff, 10%);

/* Sub Nav Variables */

/* Margin and padding */

$sub-nav-list-margin: em-calc(-4, 0, 18);
$sub-nav-list-padding-top: em-calc(4);

/* Definition */

$sub-nav-font-size: em-calc(14);
$sub-nav-font-color: #999;
$sub-nav-font-weight: normal;
$sub-nav-text-decoration: none;
$sub-nav-border-radius: 1000px;

/* Active item styles */

$sub-nav-active-font-weight: bold;
$sub-nav-active-bg: $primary-color;
$sub-nav-active-color: #fff;
$sub-nav-active-padding: em-calc(3, 9);
$sub-nav-active-cursor: $cursor-default-value;

/* Switch Variables */

/* Border styles and background colors for the switch container */

$switch-border-color: darken(#fff, 20%);
$switch-border-style: solid;
$switch-border-width: 1px;
$switch-bg: #fff;

/* Switch heights for our default classes */

$switch-height-tny: 22px;
$switch-height-sml: 28px;
$switch-height-med: 36px;
$switch-height-lrg: 44px;
$switch-bottom-margin: em-calc(20);

/* Font sizes for our classes. */

$switch-font-size-tny: 11px;
$switch-font-size-sml: 12px;
$switch-font-size-med: 14px;
$switch-font-size-lrg: 17px;
$switch-label-side-padding: 6px;

/* Switch-paddle */

$switch-paddle-bg: #fff;
$switch-paddle-fade-to-color: darken($switch-paddle-bg, 10%);
$switch-paddle-border-color: darken($switch-paddle-bg, 35%);
$switch-paddle-border-width: 1px;
$switch-paddle-border-style: solid;
$switch-paddle-transition-speed: .1s;
$switch-paddle-transition-ease: ease-out;
$switch-positive-color: lighten($success-color, 50%);
$switch-negative-color: #f5f5f5;

/* Outline Style for tabbing through switches */

$switch-label-outline: 1px dotted #888;

/* Table Variables */

/* Background color for the table and even rows */

$table-bg: #fff;
$table-even-row-bg: #f9f9f9;

/* Table cell border style */

$table-border-style: solid;
$table-border-size: 1px;
$table-border-color: #ddd;

/* Table head styles */

$table-head-bg: #f5f5f5;
$table-head-font-size: em-calc(14);
$table-head-font-color: #222;
$table-head-font-weight: bold;
$table-head-padding: em-calc(8, 10, 10);

/* Row padding and font styles */

$table-row-padding: em-calc(9, 10);
$table-row-font-size: em-calc(14);
$table-row-font-color: #222;
$table-line-height: em-calc(18);

/* Display and margin of tables */

$table-display: table-cell;
$table-margin-bottom: em-calc(20);

/* Image Thumbnail Variables */

/* Border styles */

$thumb-border-style: solid;
$thumb-border-width: 4px;
$thumb-border-color: #fff;
$thumb-box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px rgba(#000,.2);
$thumb-box-shadow-hover: 0 0 6px 1px rgba($primary-color,0.5);

/* Radius and transition speed for thumbs */

$thumb-radius: $global-radius;
$thumb-transition-speed: 200ms;

/* Tooltip Variables */

$has-tip-border-bottom: dotted 1px #ccc;
$has-tip-font-weight: bold;
$has-tip-font-color: #333;
$has-tip-border-bottom-hover: dotted 1px darken($primary-color, 20%);
$has-tip-font-color-hover: $primary-color;
$has-tip-cursor-type: help;

$tooltip-padding: em-calc(8);
$tooltip-bg: #000;
$tooltip-font-size: em-calc(15);
$tooltip-font-weight: bold;
$tooltip-font-color: #fff;
$tooltip-line-height: 1.3;
$tooltip-close-font-size: em-calc(10);
$tooltip-close-font-weight: normal;
$tooltip-close-font-color: #888;
$tooltip-font-size-sml: em-calc(14);
$tooltip-radius: $global-radius;
$tooltip-pip-size: 5px;

/* Top Bar Variables */

/* Background color for the top bar */

$topbar-bg: #111 !default;

/* Height and margin */

$topbar-height: 45px;
$topbar-margin-bottom: em-calc(30);

/* Control Input height for top bar */

$topbar-input-height: 2.45em;

/* Controlling the styles for the title in the top bar */

$topbar-title-weight: bold;
$topbar-title-font-size: em-calc(17);

/* Style the top bar dropdown elements */

$topbar-dropdown-bg: #222;
$topbar-dropdown-link-color: #fff;
$topbar-dropdown-link-bg: lighten($topbar-bg, 5%);
$topbar-dropdown-toggle-size: 5px;
$topbar-dropdown-toggle-color: #fff;
$topbar-dropdown-toggle-alpha: 0.5;

/* Set the link colors and styles for top-level nav */

$topbar-link-color: #fff;
$topbar-link-color-hover: #fff;
$topbar-link-color-active: #fff;
$topbar-link-weight: bold;
$topbar-link-font-size: em-calc(13);
$topbar-link-hover-lightness: -30%; Darken by 30%
$topbar-link-bg-hover: darken($topbar-bg, 3%);
$topbar-link-bg-active: darken($topbar-bg, 3%);

$topbar-dropdown-label-color: #555;
$topbar-dropdown-label-text-transform: uppercase;
$topbar-dropdown-label-font-weight: bold;
$topbar-dropdown-label-font-size: em-calc(10);

/* Top menu icon styles */

$topbar-menu-link-transform: uppercase;
$topbar-menu-link-font-size: em-calc(13);
$topbar-menu-link-weight: bold;
$topbar-menu-link-color: #fff;
$topbar-menu-icon-color: #fff;
$topbar-menu-link-color-toggled: #888;
$topbar-menu-icon-color-toggled: #888;

/* Transitions and breakpoint styles */

$topbar-transition-speed: 300ms;
$topbar-breakpoint: em-calc(940);
$topbar-media-query: "only screen and (min-width: #{$topbar-breakpoint})";

/* Divider Styles */

$topbar-divider-border-bottom: solid 1px lighten($topbar-bg, 10%);
$topbar-divider-border-top: solid 1px darken($topbar-bg, 10%);

/* Sticky Class */

$topbar-sticky-class: ".sticky";
$topbar-arrows: true; //Set false to remove the triangle icon from the menu item

This is a modal.

Reveal makes these very easy to summon and dismiss. The close button is simply an anchor with a unicode character icon and a class of close-reveal-modal. Clicking anywhere outside the modal will also dismiss it.

Finally, if your modal summons another Reveal modal, the plugin will handle that for you gracefully.

Second Modal...


This is a second modal.

See? It just slides into place after the other first modal. Very handy when you need subsequent dialogs, or when a modal option impacts or requires another decision.


This modal has video