Foundation Components

Here's a rundown of components that come with Foundation. They're all designed to get out of the way and let you quickly prototype or customize to build what you need.
The Grid
Our grid is the core of Foundation and makes creating responsive websites a breeze.
Media Queries
Foundation uses percentage widths to handle most layouts and a single breakpoint for small devices.
Based on a modular scale, our typography comes with everything you need to handle copy on your site.
Buttons are very common UI element and we've got you covered with plenty of styles to use.
Our forms are styled to look great and work perfectly with the grid to create complex form layouts.
Guiding people through your site or app is important, we've included lots of different navigation patterns.
Tabs are great for separating content logically on a page. Foundation comes with a couple different options that will help you out.
UI Elements
We've included lots of reusable UI elements that you can easily customize to make your own on each project.

Check out the Grid

One of the most important parts of Foundation is the grid, why not take a little bit of time to read the docs to you understand how it works?
Learn about the grid »

Grab the copy of Foundation best for you, whether that's Scss or CSS, everything or just bits and pieces.

Install Foundation

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