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How can I make a topnav

  • item wider without messing up the collapse feature on small screens?


  • Is there a tutorial or walkthrough for creating a navigation bar like: On a desktop the navigation bar spans the width of the row. One a mobile there is a slider. I'm using Foundation 5. Thanks!

    topbarfull widthnavnavigation

    I am trying to use Foundation to create a navbar that is stuck to the top (I believe called Magellan on here) but where there are menu options hidden off canvas. I have tried to use offcanvas and just style the tab-bar with a position fixed but when I cli... (continued)


    Does anyone know why the bullet nav for orbit is positioned center for desktop browsing, but on the iPad the bullets jump to left-aligned. It also does this on foundation's orbit page, so I know it shouldn't be anything wrong with my code. Here is the ... (continued)


    Hello, forum. I'm new to Foundation/SASS (coming from Bootstrap/LESS) and looking forward to any suggestions from the experts here! What are others doing to satisfy the need for multiple levels in the off-canvas feature? I didn't see anything in the... (continued)


    Hi everyone. Drew emailed us a question about the topbar. Lets collaborate and help out! Thanks! == Hello, I am setting up a website using Foundation and everything was easy and fun to code, but on my nav, in the top-bar top level links for drowpd... (continued)


    hello- i downloaded a custom foundation build with the # of Columns set to 100 . Now the top nav bar is not responsive when i shrink the width of the screen down in my browser. the top nav menu just disappears. what is the deal? can a custom foundation bu... (continued)

    topbarnavResponsivecustom buildcolumns

    Hey team. Tiago emailed with a question about dropdowns. Let's see if we can help him out! -- I'm using Foundation 5 and need to implement a top nav with a dropdown menu split in 2 or more columns. I remember on Foundation 3 this was possible how... (continued)


    I've come across a problem while using Offcanvas for a fixed mobile navigation menu. Unless you are at the very top of the page, you aren't able to see all of the items in the menu. Here are some screenshots to further illustrate the issue: At the t... (continued)

    fixednavoff-canvasnavigationstickyfeature request

    Hello, I am making a website using top-bar as the navigation. When you shrink the screen size down too far the sub-menu items begin to appear off screen, making the user unable to select options. Here is the URL. http://beta2.rentalsatthebe... (continued)


    Hey there, I am using tabs in Foundation 5. The tabs navigation renders beautifully as always with Foundation but I would like to have them centered. Right now the navigation tabs are aligned to the left. How can I make it so it is centered?


    Works great, but seems to break the mobile menu. Is there a way to keep both? When I narrow the browser I only get the first "button".


    Hi, I was wondering how we could add social media account icons/links on the top menu nav & make it visible across all devices, in a easy way, so that the user can able to modify them at ease?

    Foundationsocial mediatop barnav

    I'm using a top-bar with drop downs within the top-bar. However, when I'm on an iPhone, the drop-downs get truncated once they hit the bottom of the main menu. That is, if I have five menu items, and the fourth one down has five menu items, when I click... (continued)


    The nav element of the top-bar has a wrong height for sub-items if the top bar was hidden during page load. To reproduce go to [deleted] with the browser window wider than 660px. Now shrink the page until the top bar appears. Open it, then choose Online C... (continued)


    Does anyone have any advice for making Foundation menus play nicely with wp_nav_menu so that the beautiful styling and functionality in Foundation 5 can be used in WordPress?


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    • Title area in nav

      By Ian Trim almost 6 years ago

      Noob alert!! Can you protect the width of the title area? I am losing the right-end characters of the name on a small screen (after menu collapse for a top-bar-section right - even though there appears to be plenty of room). Thanks


    Noob alert!! Can you protect the width of the title area? I am losing the right-end characters of the name on a small screen (after menu collapse for a top-bar-section right - even though there appears to be plenty of room). Thanks


    I am working to move my site to foundation and the menu is giving me issues. In mobile, when using a third level submenu the system seems to overlay everything rather than display only one submenu The standard menu works g... (continued)


    Is there a way to intercept the "sticky" event in the top bar? That is, I wish the "title-area" become visible only when the top-bar gets fixed, but I don't know how to catch this event.