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Upgrading from 6.2 to 6.3?

Does anyone have a walk through on how to update an old foundation project to the latest 6.3 release?

Foundation 6.3

Does anyone have a walk through on how to update an old foundation project to the latest 6.3 release?

Nils Wiere almost 3 years ago

Hi Jinch,

here are some useful migration notes posted by kball:

I am using the Sass version together with the Foundation Sites Template and updated yesterday to F6.3.

Here's how:

1. I changed the dependency in bower.json to "foundation-sites": "~6.3.0"

2. Then I entered "foundation update" in the console to update all Foundation assets.

This is convenient so far. However, the next steps required some manual adjustments. There might be a smoother way, and I'd also be interested in a better workflow for this.

3. I took the 6.3 settings.scss, copied it into my projects /scss folder and entered the custom values of my own 6.2 settings.scss file into the new 6.3 settings file.

4. The same goes for the app.scss file. Since I couldn't find the 6.3 version anywhere, I checked out this document and added the new CSS components manually to my own app.scss (card, responsive-embed).

Hope that helps a little.



jinch almost 3 years ago

Thanks Nils, I'll give this a go.

It looks like I will still need to update the HTML mark up in some cases to take advantage of the new 6.3 features unfortunately (i.e. off-canvas etc) to fix some of the bugs of the past. My only regret is this didn't come sooner / I spent weeks sorting through the quirks of old to hammer out a (somewhat) stable build. But if the promises of v6.3 are true ~ using foundation just (may) be tolerable again. Fingers crossed.

Philip King almost 3 years ago

I would be very happy to see Zurb address their support docs regarding the process of updating. There’s precious little detail at the moment and I see people piecing together scraps from forum posts and git issues. The process is probably quite obvious to those with the right development skills, but there must be plenty of noobs like me for whom it’s opaque and complex, is time-consuming and involves a lot of careful attention.

Tonybyte almost 3 years ago

Hello all. Is this still the smoothest way that you know to upgrade? My "Foundation Update" isn't working either. bower.json says 6.2.4. Trying to upgrade gives, "Nothing to Update. You are good to go!" I've been confused without time to dig deeper for days and just found this informative thread.



Tonybyte almost 3 years ago

Reading GitHub. Oh, it's a beta and I would have to make that big list of #49 edits? hmmmm. Those features look amazing. It sucks to be starting 2 new sites at this time but i may wait for the official release and the CLI to work.

Rafi Benkual almost 3 years ago

It depends if it's a minor release or a full point release. The minor releases will contain no migration or breaking changes so 'foundation-update' will update the version. Point releases like 6.3 have a small migration and the system prevents an update without making those changes explicitly to prevent a breaking change from affecting your project.

There is a section being added to the docs for updating projects that will help explain this.

Philip King almost 3 years ago

Thanks Rafi, that’s very helpful. Will you drop a link here when the doc section is added?

Rafi Benkual almost 3 years ago

Sure, we'll have a beta version of the docs at the end of this month. It'b great to have people checking it out before it's officially released in Feb.

Nils Wiere almost 3 years ago

Yes, thanks Rafi – that's sounds great and I think it will help others, too! If you drop a link here, I'll have a look at the beta version of the docs.

Nils Wiere over 2 years ago

Hello Rafi,

Did you add that section to the docs on how to handle the update process? I was just looking for notes on the 6.4 update and couldn't find anything. Would be great to have a few sentences on the process there…