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Foundation 5 Time picker component

Is there is any Time picker component available in Foundation Forms

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Is there is any Time picker component available in Foundation Forms

Biswajit Dutta Baruah almost 6 years ago

Have you tried this out:

The example clearly shows that its working. I am trying to integrate this with a rails app but failing. Do let me know how it worked out for you.

Scott W almost 6 years ago

@Biswajit Dutta Baruah
I have the foundation-datepicker working well in my Rails 4.0.0 app. It was a bit finicky to get working, though.

Flo Heinle almost 6 years ago

@Scott W
Could you show an example how to integrate this in a rails 4 app?
I am trying to do this, but for me it wont work.

Rafi Benkual almost 6 years ago

Here's another:

Jocko MacGregor almost 6 years ago

Here's one I built.

I really like the ones based on the Bootstrap date picker, however there were two issues I always had trouble with:

1) Formatting the date to appeal to a human user, while having the input response appeal to a computer
2) Having a time picker and a date picker that were integrated.

It's fresh, but I have it live on one of my company's production sites and its holding up really well.

Let me know your thoughts on it, and if you have feature suggestions, I'm all ears.

  • Jocko

CNK over 5 years ago

@Jocko MacGregor

I really like your plugin.
Whether it is possible to set the 24-hour clock in your add-on?


Aswin Ramakrishnan almost 4 years ago

If you're getting a 404, you can find it here -