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To be more precise I'm guessing I'm getting this bug:
(The line on the left ..)

The text is intentionally blurred.

Rafi Benkual over 3 years ago

What version of Foundation for Emails are you using?

Not seeing this happen in v2.1. A code sample to replicate would help with some guidance.

Shakogun over 3 years ago


It's very hard to replicate. It has to do with the length of the content and the background colors on certain elements. In the article they say the level of zoom is a parameter but I encounter the bug at the initial zoom level.

Shakogun over 3 years ago

Bug occurs when loaded into Litmus and viewed as Iphone 6.



body { margin:0 !important; }
div[style*="margin: 16px 0"] { margin:0 !important; }
.section-3 .wrapper-inner { padding: 0 0 60px; }


<wrapper class="section-3 bgcolor-1">
          <button class="bgcolor-2" href="">TEST TEST</button>

<!-- notes: 
bgcolor-1= $primary-color
bgcolor-2= $tertiary-color

Corey Schaaf over 3 years ago

Why do you have two center tags in your inky markup?

wrapper / center / container / center / button


Shakogun over 3 years ago

Because in a lot of clients the container element isn't centered, I have to put an additional center tag around it to make it work.
On top of that I also wanted my button to be centered so I put a center tag around that one..
Isn't that how it should be done?

Corey Schaaf over 3 years ago

I've never had issues with centering the container. The container is centered by default. If you download one of the templates and send it out through litmus or email on acid, they should all maintain being centered. Is that now what you're experiencing? If not, maybe post your results so we can see if it's a bug.