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Foundation 6 Upgrade Docs

Foundation 5 included documentation on upgrading:

Anything planned for the Foundation 6 docs?

Foundation 5 included documentation on upgrading:

Anything planned for the Foundation 6 docs?

Uzi Ashkenazi almost 3 years ago



I was in a similar place as you about a year ago (read my previous comments on this thread) however, after building a small project with Foundation 6 I realized that any attempt to migrate or upgrade from Foundation 5 would most likely result in an inferior codebase and lost of headache in the future. Secondly and this is strictly my observation here, front end languages life span is becoming shorter my the day and holding on to old code is certainly not the way to go. Not to mention that a two years design used for any Foundation 5 site is most likely outdated anyway...

Foundation 6 introduced a lot of improvement under that hood and I totally understand why it is taking so long for any migration guide to be release when rebuilding from scratch would be faster. 

As far as the how-to goes, until more familiar with F6, I recommend using Zurb Template instead of the CLI since it is more of a project based install. Once you have a start up project and a new/updated page template markup in place you most likely be able to bring in your sass partials and with a simple find and replace make any necessary changes. You'll have to change media queries to breakpoints in settings.scss (this may be the more involved process depending on how you structured your media queries) and you'll be 90% done with "updating". 

Good luck!

Ken Greer almost 3 years ago

I guess it's adios Zurb.

Well over a year has now passed and no Foundation 5 to 6 migration guide. All hope is now lost, and the Zurb brand is permanently stained. I use to extol the virtues of Foundation; that has now become a warning to stay away. 

We'll likely be moving to Bootstrap when v4 is stable. Bootstrap appears to be far better supported. They even have an upgrade guide even though Bootstrap v4 is in Alpha.

Cameron Lowry about 3 years ago


Insult their framework and generally criticise because of your personal issues? Way to get Zurb enthusiastic about creating a migration doc.

What's so bad about staying on F5? Why did you/your company choose to use Foundation in the first place. Did you not put yourself in this position? Or did Zurb put a gun to your head and force you to use Foundation? How about you scrap F5 and write all that CSS yourself?

How is it Zurb's fault that you can't move to Bootstrap? Your internal company issues have nothing to do with them.

I also want F5 > F6 upgrade docs but I also realise Foundation is free to use and perhaps (just like me) the developers have other, more important stuff on their plates...

Be realistic people but more importantly be people. Just be a person.

Nathan Alan about 3 years ago

Went looking for upgrade docs. We installed Foundation 6.2.3. I have no choice but to "guess migrate" through F5 to F6 on my reveal application, which uses:  Data Dropdown, Togglers, Events.

After upgrading, all of them changed. 

This would be a great time to have that documentation - unfortunately we can't switch to Bootstrap, which is what I would rather be using anyways, because Foundation vs. Bootstrap is like comparing Internet Explorer to Chrome.

This sucks - Not going to upgrade to 7 when it comes out.

Carol Skelly over 3 years ago

@Aaron __ that's what this entire thread is about. Did you read it?

Aaron Alpar over 3 years ago

Is there a guide available for migration from Foundation 5 to Foundation 6?  We have a web-site built on Foundation 5 that we are now attempting to upgrade to Foundation 6.

- Aaron

Uzi Ashkenazi over 3 years ago

For anyone still looking for more info on F6 particularly what changed and how to go about testing it, check out this screencast with Brandon Arnold and Geoff Kimble from Zurb. It well worth the hour and twenty minute and it made me take back anything I said on this thread about Zurb! The new Foundation is an amazing framework with tons of improvements over F5.

If you'd like to try it without touching your cli settings checkout the new Yeti Launch app which comes packed with all the node goodness required to start building great sites!

Uzi Ashkenazi over 3 years ago

Thanks @Carol Skelly! Did you find that it is possible to continue maintaining f5 projects using the new foundation-cli? My concern is that upgrading the cli will force me to upgrade all my projects to f6 or make it impossible to maintain them.

Carol Skelly over 3 years ago

@Uzi Ashkenazi @Oliver @Julie Miller

I've been long hoping Zurb would put together some clear guidance for the 5 to 6 migration. I think it would help so many devs that are considering the switch to Foundation. I authored the Bootstrap 3 to 4 migration docs, migration tool and started something similar for Foundation but it got too complicated. In the meanwhile, I'm looking forward to what the new BS 4 version will bring.

Bilal Abdeen over 3 years ago

I am struggling in having both versions (Foundation 5 & 6) installed on the same machine. Any hints will be appreciated... 

Justin J over 3 years ago

This is not meant to be criticism, but I'll echo that trying to upgrade a codebase that's based on v5 to v6 basically means a pretty in-depth rewrite. I've tried once with a project that has around 300+ screens and it seemed impossible. When you dive into the docs, you'll find anything that's not basically formatting is pretty different and requires different structure of your HTML: top bar, side bar - even breadcrumbs; they'll all break pretty badly.

I don't know why Zurb wouldn't say as much when v6 went out - at least give it a good spin - or prepare people for it. A migration strategy would be nice, even if it's, "There is no migration strategy".



Uzi Ashkenazi over 3 years ago

@Oliver, thanks for the great info. I was looking at automation for bootstrap with sass and your link is very useful. I started using foundation since version 3 and my approach with new version release was no reserve it to new project and avoid upgrading project when possible. As was mentioned before, it is a tedious process and best be avoided (which may explain the crickets on this thread). One of the best feature on foundation IMHO is the semantic markup which does not available from bootstrap out-of-the-box unless I missed something. Either way, time to play with bootstrap!

Oliver over 3 years ago

@Uzi Ashkenazi: I use the SASS Version of Bootstrap and it works really perfect and very easy together. I use the whole thing with Bower/Grunt installation setup and all automized. For me Bootstrap is the way better choice and I dont see any advantage over Foundation 6 yet. Having said that i might also not use the last tweaks and fine tune like some others. How ever I am happy and specially the tutorials, help, community and support is another world in compare with Foundation. You are always half alone with Foundation and more and more users jump to Bootstrap. I know personally a lot of users which did this already. Use this link with infos on how to setup a smooth bower/grunt/sass/bootstrap project: works perfect for me!

@powellian: Agree in most parts with you. Foundation is nice and always was... but the lack of documentation and support kills it for me. You are right, next bootstrap 3 or 4 will be also an issue to update BUT as i said the difference is that you are not alone and you find thousands of helpful users.

There is just no argument against the massive user-base and documentation you find for bootstrap aside of the better support in third party scripts. 

In the end everybody has to make up his mind and choose what suits him best, I closed the book on Foundation!

powellian over 3 years ago

Foundation 6 works just fine. The Zurb cli version is a very nice piece of kit and I'm having a great time working with it.

I have a project which I started in Fdn 5 and am in the process of manually converting it to 6 myself right now. Frankly I don't think that a 'conversion' is likely or even possible given the 'root/branch' upgrade that 5-6 is reported to be. So I'm just gonna do it myself.

This post has been ignored by Zurb and that's not too cool - I did +1 the call for an upgrade 4 months ago. However there have quite a few voices in this post that I feel possibly expect too much. We are supposed to be developers so we should be able to handle this stuff ourselves.

As I mentioned before, I think expecting a straight forward 'push the button'/'1 size fits all' upgrade is a tad unrealistic. I don't know what a lot of people expect here, but sites built in 5 may just need to stay in 5. Move on and use 6 for new builds.

I also use Bootstrap and it is fine, although IMO not as advanced as Fdn. I'd cite Fdn's Block Grid, flexible gutters and considerably cleaner top nav as simple examples; and IMHO I feel the sass setup is far superior. That's not really surprising given that BS is natively LESS based and only available in SASS via ported versions. Easily bower or npm installed and they work just fine, but 3rd party nonetheless.

Bootstrap can make me pull my hair out in different ways to Fdn and has done recently, but I'll side with Fdn any day of the week. Especially now that I've really started to enjoy working with the Zurb cli install.

To the people here presumably requesting upgrades for Fdn based sites and who are moving to BS - exactly the same will apply to BS3 sites when BS4 comes out, so be careful what you wish for. I think it's best to be realistic and say that BS3 stays 3 and just build for the future with BS4, or Fdn6

Keep up the work Zurb crew!

Uzi Ashkenazi over 3 years ago

Julie, Oilver

Did you experience any issues with using the Sass version of Bootstrap? Contemplating a move as well.

Any input would be great.





Oliver over 3 years ago

Same thing here I switched months ago to Bootstrap and I am VERY happy about it. The help and support from community and officially is x100 better. It is a shame, we had a good run with Foundation but nobody here seems to care for us.... so we better RUN!

Julie Miller over 3 years ago

After six months of silence I've decided to move my support to Bootstrap. I was unable to move forward with multiple projects because there as no support in updating the wire-frames I have spent countless hours developing with Foundation. 

Because Boostrap is also based on a 12 column grid the transition hasn't been all that difficult, its just tedious and time consuming. Most of the components offered with Foundation are equally supported with Bootstrap and there is a wealth of documentation and community support for Bootstrap. 

I thought about putting a conversion guide together but the documentation for Bootstrap is so well done that I don't think you really need it. 

Uzi Ashkenazi over 3 years ago

This sounds like a cold thread but did anyone was successful in maintaining ZF5 projects with the new cli which supports ZF6? From what I see, the change is the cli is massive and completely changes the local development environment. 

Perhaps it would be best to continue with ZF5 projects using compass and only use the cli for new re-design using Zf6. Any thoughts?

Magda Jans over 3 years ago

What makes me thoughtful is the fact that there is no response from the developers' side here – something like: "sorry folks for being so slow but we are working on it"... Also I see that the forum is full of spam, as if nobody takes care of it. What is the matter here? I decided NOT to use bootstrap because my choice always goes to a small business when it is equally good as a big business. Maybe Skeleton is the better choice in future.

Bilal Abdeen over 3 years ago

I managed to upgrade a (relatively simple) project from 5 to 6. The amount of effort involved made me think twice before upgrading my other bigger projects. I expect any migration documents to be quite complex. I don't expect simple step-by-step instructions. If a document is ever made, it would probably be some general guidelines or a high-level check-list. 

I have summarised my experience in upgrading that relatively simple project in the following post.

Good luck... 

Bilal Abdeen