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Foundation 6 Upgrade Docs

Foundation 5 included documentation on upgrading:

Anything planned for the Foundation 6 docs?

Foundation 5 included documentation on upgrading:

Anything planned for the Foundation 6 docs?

Rafi Benkual about 4 years ago

Yes! We're working on a migration guide for 5-6. Right now we're upgrading a client project project to 6 and it will be a great place to highlight all the differences.

Tero Alén about 4 years ago

Will you @Rafi Benkual post in this thread when the migration guide is published?

Curtis Wolfenberger about 4 years ago

@Tero Alén - I was wondering the same thing, @Rafi Benkual

Rafi Benkual about 4 years ago

Will do!

Curtis Wolfenberger about 4 years ago

@Rafi Benkual You're the best!

Dalyn Newby about 4 years ago

Also interested in the upgrade guide. Thank you @Rafi Benkual!

Peter Gibb almost 4 years ago

Thanks @Rafi Benkual. Do you have an idea of timescale for when this will be available?

Andrew Grant almost 4 years ago

Very keen on taking my companies site to the next level!
Thanks @Rafi Benkual

Julie Miller almost 4 years ago

Also hoping for upgrade documents soon! Thanks!!

Mark Hair almost 4 years ago

Ditto, migration guide from 5 to 6 would be very helpful!

Mike MacDonald almost 4 years ago

Just adding my vote that upgrade docs would be infinity appreciated!

Corey Schaaf almost 4 years ago

Hey Rafi! First thanks for keeping us up-to-date. And thanks for actually going through the process of creating a migration guide for all of us to use. Out of curiosity, is the migration guide coming in the next week? Month?

Just trying to put a plan together (as I'm sure others are to) for our own foundation site and upgrade process.

Cheers and Happy New Year!
~ C

Peter Skogsberg almost 4 years ago

Just +1 wish for a migration guide, which doesn't even have to be that extensive - but it would be extremely helpful if all changed data-attributes, CSS classes etc were pointed out, along with any breaking changes.
Thanks a lot!

Brandon Arnold almost 4 years ago

Foundation 4 to 5 was a much smaller migration and much closer to a point release that a full re-write. We're jamming on a migration guide, but our resources are trying to keep up with fixes and bugs. We're about to head out for the year, but we'll be making this a priority when we return.

We've migrated a few sites our selves since the launch and can say it's a pretty quick experience depending on how much JS you're using. The grid was kept feature parallel as were most of the css components, but a good majority of the plugin options have changed.

Sorry to cause any stress on people looking to upgrade, but we'll be making that a priority in the new year.

Fyro almost 4 years ago

Definitely interested in this as well

Cameron Lowry almost 4 years ago

+1 to this

M Wardeh almost 4 years ago

+1 on this please

powellian almost 4 years ago

+1 and hope to hear/look forward to hearing about the 5-6 upgrade.

Corey Schaaf almost 4 years ago

4 months and still no migration guide. This makes baby Jesus very sad.

[email protected] over 3 years ago