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Can the tab-bar be fixed? and kept fixed when offcanvas is activated?


Can the tab-bar be fixed? and kept fixed when offcanvas is activated?

Alex Plaza almost 6 years ago

It doesn't keep fixed when you call the aside :c

Mark Szymanski almost 6 years ago

The original question was for tab-bar, not tabs. I'm trying to figure this out as well. It seems ironic to have a fix tab-bar but when clicking the menu-icon exposes an empty aside, because the content is higher up the page? I'd even say this may be a bug? Hoping to find a solution soon...

Ghaida Zahran over 5 years ago

There are tabs, but no tab bar (in the iOS sense) in Foundation.

Angel Ordax about 5 years ago

I was thiking about the same issue and I've tried something quite obvious: If the "off-canvas" menu moves to the side all contained inside "inner-wrap" and the "tab-bar" is inside that as well is as simple as moving it outside of it. I was wondering if the JS parenting would work and it seems it has no parents attached so it works perfectly, the only thing to solve then is the background overlay color that simulates the layers effects as it becomes quite hard to notice because of the high opacity of the tab-bar, just add some more opacity to the background on ".exit-off-canvas" and you are good to go :)

Benjamin Kruger over 4 years ago

@Mark: I had a similar issue using subnavigation in my off-canvas. Because my first menu was long (and had scroll bars), when choosing a menu item, the sub menu rolled in looking empty; I had to scroll back to the top to see the items. My solution was this:

 $('aside').click( function(e) {