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Rafi Benkual about 4 years ago

Hi Matteo,
Great question! We are working on Foundation for Sites 6 right now and committing code to it daily. We work on client projects and Foundation Sites 5 and Foundation for Email (ink) simultaneously so progress depends on those as well.

We are planning to have a release candidate available in a few months. We'll have a set date soon.

Some of the most time consuming but rewarding work is being done with the jQuery. We are rewriting lot's of it to be more efficient and leaner while also accounting for many different use cases.

The coolest things are the addition of a common API for open, close, and toggle of elements. This makes the events more consistent, easy to implement, and gives people the ability to create their own plugins easily.

If you're interested in the technical bits, we're going to be sharing some of the techniques in our monthly newsletter.

We're only sharing this with subscribers for now. You can find the signup here:

There are many amazing updates in the hopper for 6 you can see here -