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Foundation 5 and Foundation Apps differences?

Why are there two versions of foundation?

What are the differences?

Why would I want to use Foundation 5 over Foundation apps and vice versa?

Foundation Apps

Why are there two versions of foundation?

What are the differences?

Why would I want to use Foundation 5 over Foundation apps and vice versa?

Rafi Benkual over 4 years ago

Foundation for apps is for making responsive web apps vs responsive web sites. The difference is in the structure of an app. They usually take up the screen and instead of the page scrolling, content in the app scrolls. Apps employ stateful views, so a view can change without reloading the app, creating a better user experience.

Things like:

Or this



Even gmail:

In general -
- A website is informational
- A web application is interactive

"Early examples of web applications include Webmail, Google Maps and Google Docs. Compared to the classic web, i.e. blogs and news sites, web apps provided a richer user experience and access to advanced browser capabilities." via

A web app can have multiple templates that animate in a view. The view is where the content changes. So in Gmail, when you click settings, a different view appears in the middle with out refreshing. Web sites will still need to be made for things like marketing or ecommerce. Apps are often better for user interactivity and data but it depends what you need to build.

Every web app will need a site to as a landing page to market it.

James Stone over 4 years ago

There are a couple of use cases where you would want to use Foundation 5 right now:

  • building a wordpress theme with a starter theme such as reverie or others
  • building a site with a strong jQuery dependency, you plan on using or integrating jQuery PlugIns for example
  • To avoid the learning curve of angular
  • F5 is a more mature project with lots of examples and support
  • Better older browser compatibility: flexbox vs. float based grid

Having said that, the new Foundation for Apps is awesome and has some really forward thinking ideas in it. If you are ready to move your app into the future and don't need to support older browsers, have decided or are open to using Angular as your MV* framework, or want to see what the future of prototyping apps will be, then Foundation for Apps is for you.

Cirox over 4 years ago

Let me clear a doubt:
Foundation For Apps helps create a webapp, that is always used through a browser or a webview (for example I can pack my FoundationForApps with Cordova or PhoneGap), right??

Can I use jQuery in Foundation For Apps? Do I have to learn AngularJs?

Rafi Benkual over 4 years ago

We built it so you can build responsive web applications. We didn't build it with native in mind but surely it works.

You can use jQuery and Angular in the same app, but that's also not what it's for. We built Foundation Apps in a way that you don't really need to know Angular to use it (just like jQuery in Foundation Sites).

Rafi Benkual over 4 years ago

Webdesigner depot wrote a sweet article that explains the differences:

Not long ago, we told you all about how to get started with Foundation 5. Now there’s a new version out; not “Foundation 6” but Foundation for Apps, and it’s going to be huge.

That Foundation 5 is a powerful and flexible framework, there is no doubt. It can be used for content-driven websites, apps, almost anything you can think of, though it might take some work and customization. There are, however, layout and design conventions specific to apps. Also, apps are often developed for mobile browsers, which support newer technologies. In short, the classic Foundation framework, while flexible enough to make apps with, was created as a tool for many purposes. App developers may want something that caters a bit more specifically to their needs, and Zurb has provided exactly that.


Read more:

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