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What's with all the Spam on this forum?

What can be done to get rid of all the spam on this forum? It's getting really annoying!


What can be done to get rid of all the spam on this forum? It's getting really annoying!

Rafi Benkual over 5 years ago

Since our forum got super popular we have been hit repeatedly with spam. It wasn't an issue we had to deal with until recently.

We have added forum spam helpers like Akismet and other protections like Cloudflare, filters and more. There are buttons on the post for people to mark things as spam. It takes two reports to block it. While we continue to work on these protections it helps if people also mark spam as it teaches the aforementioned systems what the spam is.

They are getting trickier as we close down avenues, but we'll keep making it harder for them to spam us. We are making efforts to eliminate spam without hurting the user experience.

I'll be happy to answer any specific questions about it!

Karl Johan Kleist almost 5 years ago

It would be a nice feature if also comments could be flagged as spam, and not only posts.

Rafi Benkual almost 5 years ago

Since this post, tons of spam fighting improvements have been made. There is a system for automatically removing spam comments and moderators also check each comment that passes.

Darek Wędrychowski almost 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for improvements, it was really irritating. :)

Ken Minx about 2 years ago

Congrats on the spam efforts. Unfortunately, the spam bot has been screwed down too tight. My forum posts are being marked as spam. Repeated (3 and counting) emails to Zurb support have gone unanswered. How does one contact Zurb to get this corrected so that I can use the forum???