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In Foundation have any security for forms like "CAPTCHA" please guide us.


In Foundation have any security for forms like "CAPTCHA" please guide us.

Rafi Benkual about 5 years ago

Are you asking how to add a captcha to your page?

Marc McGee about 5 years ago

Just a suggestion: Captcha doesn't really stop the "human" spammers. To stop the robot form spammers, I've found that using a hidden field that is required to be empty seems to work, since bots automatically populate ALL fields.

As well — captcha doesn't really work right out of the box with Foundation.

There are display issues when using recaptcha with F4 or F5. Only the CLEAN version looks good, and it's too wide for the mobile size. The smaller default versions have odd remnants below the recaptcha. I found a simple CSS fix for to override the foundation 5 tables css. Wrap recaptcha placeholders in an ID and add CSS to your stylesheet.

#recaptcha_area input[type="text"] {
  display: inline-block;
  height: auto;

mahendran about 5 years ago

Thank you for your reply, but when we using the "recaptcha_area" as a hidden, bots will automatically will pass and submit the form, so it is not the right way to add the "recaptcha_area" as a hidden, any other way to fill simple CAPTCHA like 4 digit (3452),,, please guide us.

Marc McGee about 5 years ago

My intent was not to suggest using recaptcha as a hidden area, but rather not using recaptcha and just having a hidden field that must "not" be filled out.

My resolve at this juncture was that recaptcha does not offer enough benefit. I decided to keep the form user friendly for real site users, and just delete the few random submissions that occasionally arrive in the IN box.

Here's a link to some info that may or may not be helpful.