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Vertical spacing in emails is inconsistent. The spacer component will help you create the space you need, the same on every device and client.


Vertical spacing between email clients is not as simple as it sounds, in fact, it’s consistently inconsistent. Versions of Outlook don’t respect margin and padding the same and <br>’s are different all over the place.

The spacer is used to create vertical spacing between elements. The size size="x" attribute allows you to set the height in pixels of vertical spacing you need.

When using Inky HTML, the <spacer> tag will create this structure for you. You can use them between rows, containers or inside wrappers, rows, columns, and containers.

<p>Stuff on top</p>
<spacer size="100"></spacer>
<p>Stuff on bottom</p>
<p>Stuff on top</p>
<table class="spacer">
      <td height="100px" style="font-size:100px;line-height:100px;">&#xA0;</td>
<p>Stuff on bottom</p>


In this example, this spacer will create 100px of vertical spacing.