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If you are a badass Rails engineer? Join our team!
Foundation: The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework from ZURB

The Fastest Foundation Yet

Foundation 5 is our fastest, best build yet. It’s packed with features to help you code and learn faster than ever before.

There’s so much shiny awesomeness in this release we think it speaks for itself. In case it doesn’t though, here’s a rundown on some of the new (and existing) features in the first, most-advanced responsive framework out there.

Faster for Users

The nuts and bolts of Foundation have never been speedier
(if nuts and bolts can be speedy — and why not?)


Not just for responsive images any more, Interchange in Foundation 5 lets you create beautifully optimized sites by letting you selectively load entire sections based on the client device type.

See Interchange →

Fast Click

We’ve integrated fastclick.js so your mobile users have a snappier experience.

GPU Acceleration

Animation will perform significantly better and sleeker.

Off Canvas

Off Canvas provides a powerful way to build navigation into screens.

Setting up Off Canvas →

Improved Forms

It's super easy to code up forms, inline labels and other components.

Take a peek →

Faster to Code

It’s now even faster to put together websites and applications.

Medium Grid

By popular request, Foundation now includes a medium grid that you can leverage, nestled neatly between the small and large grids you’re used to. That’s a lot less custom code for you to write to make use of intermediate sizes.

Take a look at the Foundation grid →


We’ve written our own CLI wrappers so you can quickly spin up new projects. Just use ‘foundation new project-name’ and off you go.

Sublime Text

One of our favorite editors now has some sweet Foundation shortcuts you can use to write crazy fast code.

Visit Sublime Snippets →


We’ve created all new shiny templates to jump start your next Foundation 5 project.

See Templates →


Foundation 5 works with Libsass, a new Sass processor. And it’s crazy fast. Sometimes 32x as fast.

Get Sassy →

Faster to Learn

Things are happening at breakneck speed and we're keeping you in the know.

Getting Started

No matter how you want to use Foundation, our new Getting Started guide has you covered. It’s never been easier or faster to get up to speed with the framework.

Get Started with Foundation →

Building Blocks

Building Blocks are bits of code that you can drop into any Foundation project.

Visit Building Blocks →


Got a questions? We’ve created a custom forum specifically for all our Foundation users to get the answers they need.

Ask a Question →


We’ve opened up a premium channel for you to get individual support using Foundation.

Watch Videos →

New Training

ZURB now offers Web-based and on-site training classes for Foundation, taught by the framework developers themselves.

See Training Courses →

Foundation Business

We’ve put together all the pieces to make Foundation the professional choice for companies, designers and developers. We’re providing reliable support and services to keep your organization up and running with Foundation.

Foundation Support

We know how important it is for you to get the answers. We have a team ready to help you get answers to your questions.

Learn More →

Engineering Studios

If you need something built with Foundation, we’re here to help with a full range of consulting services.

Let Us Help You →

Foundation Training

We have several Web-based or custom, on-site classes available for Foundation.

Sharpen Your Skills →

Hosted Prototypes

ZURB offers a suite of apps to help you design products, and host your Foundation code and get feedback.

Build Faster →

Responsive Through & Through

We were the very first responsive framework and have been a friend to designers and developers around the world.

Built for Four Corners

When we released Foundation in 2011, we wanted to create a way for people to easily build responsive sites, and that continues to be our driving motivation. At ZURB, we almost exclusively create responsive sites for ourselves, and our clients, and Foundation plays a huge role in that. We use it every day, and we know it works.

Built on Sass

We decided that Foundation would be built on Sass (Scss, technically) a little over a year ago and we’ve never looked back. Not only is Sass in constant development, but through Sass you get the power of semantic code, faster styling, and tons of awesome programmatic features.


Foundation can be used with completely semantic markup. Write clean code without sacrificing any utility or convenience.


Foundation was the first responsive framework, and it permeates every aspect of the framework. Build for every device with ease.


Foundation was built to be easily restyled. You can even customize the framework on download.


From the underlying code, to plugins, to everything around Foundation, we’ve built it to be faster than ever before.

Rails friendly

You can use Foundation with any back end, but it’s especially well-tuned for Rails implementations.


Foundation is written with humans in mind, and is easy to read even if you don’t know much code.

Mobile First

Foundation is built with small devices as a priority, and goes up from there.


Foundation 5 is 508 compliant and more accessible than any previous version.


The premier CSS preprocessor is at the heart of Foundation.

Rapid prototyping

Foundation allows you to swiftly prototype your ideas so you can start testing sooner than later.


A New, Modern Look

Foundation 5 sports a new modern look that continues to be just as easy and fast to override and restyle as ever.

Refined Style

All Foundation 5 elements have been given a fresh coat of paint. The styles are cleaner and more polished than ever before.


The spacing has been increased to give elements more breathing room and a more approachable feel.

Code Size

With the new stylistic treatment, the CSS/SCSS is now simpler and easier to override — not to mention the code size has been significantly reduced. Win!

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