Conquer Responsive Emails with Foundation for Emails 2
ZURB Foundation

Getting Started

Five steps to Foundation for Emails-certified emails

Follow these five steps to make sure your email looks great.


Test in Outlook

Outlook is the most bullish of all email clients and seemingly can’t adjust image sizes. Make sure the email looks great before moving on.


Add your responsive styles

Include any responsive styles you want to include. These should be in a the <head> of your document within a <style> tag.


Bring your styles inline

Once your email looks great in Outlook and responsive styles are included, bring your styles inline, which you can do with a variety of services.

We recommend Foundation for Emails (Inky's) Inliner to do this.


Test your email

Don’t send it out just yet! Make sure you test it on as many platforms as you can. We use Litmus to test on a number of devices. You should too.