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Quickly create responsive HTML emails that work on any device & client. Even Outlook.

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Email anywhere. On any device.

How HTML email was meant to be read.

Reach out your tentacles to a broad range of people who subscribe to your emails. Our CSS framework helps you craft HTML emails that can be read anywhere on any device. Gone are the days where you had to choose between Outlook and email optimized for smartphones and tablets. Foundation for Emails' responsive, 12-column grid blends flexibility and stability so your readers can view your emails perfectly from wherever they may be.

Shiny email templates

We've created some common layouts for you to start from so you can cook your emails faster.

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Discover the world of Foundation for Emails

Learn more about how to use Foundation for Emails, or dive right in and start coding emails responsively.

Responsive Grid For Any Layout

Do more with a grid designed to work on any device.

A flexible responsive grid

Foundation for Emails uses a 12-column grid for maximum divisibility — you can divide the grid into one, two, three or four columns.

More layout control

Create evenly sized blocks of content great for image galleries or product lists. You choose how many block in a row and the Block Grid fits them; on smaller screens the blocks stack.

Works great on mobile devices

Your layouts stack neatly so your content is accessible on small screens. Things like padding and row width automatically scale to fit on mobile.

Outlook First, Works in Any Clients

Reach your users in all major email clients and devices

Responsive images including retina

Foundation for Emails has a reset on all images to ensure that their max-width never exceeds 100% (aka responsive images).

No more inconsistent results

There’s no need to worry about inconsistent spacing and odd rendering issues with your layouts. Foundation for Emails gives you the guidelines so you can be confident that emails look as expected in testing.

Full width content

Sometimes you’ll want to a full-width row good for your headers, footers, and more. Foundation for Emails helps you accomplish this easily on any device including Outlook with options to center align content.

UI Patterns to Help You Build Faster

We included common patterns you'll need to build your emails more efficiently.


Sounds simple enough, but emails buttons typically have poor touch targets. Foundation for Emails comes with big buttons that can be easily clicked or tapped.


Create nice callouts or header/footer sections with panels.


Great for headers, social sharing and much more. The Sub-grid helps you create horizontal sections in row that do not stack.

Responsive Inliner

Inline All the Things

Media queries are preserved

Our inliner is customized to work in responsive design. Since some email clients strip the CSS in the head, the media queries are moved into the body for you.

HTML attributes are inserted for you

There’s no need to remember to all the HTML attributes needed to create consistent HTML email layouts.

Inlines only what you need

The Foundation for emails inliner can inline your needed CSS while not messing with other important content like special characters and handlebars.

Templates are a Great Starting Place

No matter what you're building these templates help you get started.

Transactional emails for apps

Deliver a branded, consistent experience across every customer communication.


Craft emails that feature your products or services that get into your customer's email inbox.

Newsletters that get opened

Make sure your message is recieved no matter the device or email client.

Responsive Email Design Training

We practice Responsive Email Design daily at ZURB, sending out 10 email newsletter campaigns a month and creating email templates for our clients. We even built Foundation for Emails to help us and others send emails. This course covers the basics that designers and developers — even marketers — should know to get started with responsive emails.

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