Here's a summary of all of our releases of Foundation so far.

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5.4.2- August 29, 2014

This release was pushed to fix issues with the customizer and Css/JS file version numbers.

5.4.1- August 26, 2014

This release was created to automate some internal deployment processes.

5.4- August 21, 2014

Accessibility - this release includes accessibility updates for all components. Each component's docs page has an accessibility section that includes the accessible code or a description about how the component is more accessible. This includes keyboard tabbing screen reader access, and best practices.

  • Adds stacking option for button groups -
  • Adds breakpont classes to icon-bar - a7ff4ae
  • Audit and simplify excess colors by changing to variables -
  • Adds Multi-level off-canvas menu - b6d3c62
  • Fixes issue with abide error applied to other valid fields - 1739417
  • Added html5 Number Spinner mixin and setting to form selects - ce7a767
  • Fix for dropdown pip position - 334d9ab
  • Enable Joyride keyboard accessibility and previous button option - c7bc46f
  • Adds max-width and border-radius to reveal - f81c996
  • Adds off-canvas individual overlay option - 52fb467
  • And loads of other fixes and improvements. Includes over 150 kick-ass commits in this release. #enjoyit!

You can compare the commits here

5.3.3- August 1, 2014

  • Fix Reveal modal z-index Issue - c70650e

5.3.2- July 31, 2014

  • Fix duplicate MQ errors in reveal - 82ed782
  • Adds top-bar mobile parent link as well as back button so user knows where they are - dc6d2ca
  • Off-canvas overlap now has an exit off-canvas button - f7f4c4e
  • Fix off-canvas overlap causing double border - 334d9ab
  • Fix for top-bar form textarea being too tall in the CSS version - 2d7a083
  • Adds settings for button hover and border colors - f81c996
  • Switches now respect -speed and -ease in animations - 2d7a083
  • Adds fastclick-enhanced touch events - be629d7
  • Joyride can now have an optional previous button - be629d7
  • Adds html5 Number Spinner mixin and setting to forms - be7f24b
  • Fix for button hover color bug - fa7ae84
  • And lots of other fixes and improvements. Includes 106 important commits in this release. #awesomelyrad!

You can compare the commits here

5.3.1- July 17, 2014

  • Fix for clearing issue on mobile where lightbox allows vertical scroll outside container - 57bc2bf
  • Fixes Reveal bug with modals locking when target is clicked while modal is open - 1c966e7
  • Adds Scss variables for Icon-bar to _settings.scss - 52d9a7e
  • Remove experimental variable and mixin which caused deprecation messages 3b3c67d
  • Update _settings.scss to include missing Side Nav variables - a7d8239
  • Added Warning-Color in labels - b9ba74f
  • Fix for Incompatible units: 'rem' and 'px' in _settings.scss for switches - aef0164
  • Fixes icon-bar scss variables - 37f7587, 4f1112a
  • Added 'Semantic Markup with CSS' section to Icon Bar Component Page - ec2dfc9
  • Fixes for Magellan active state on click - 97ed451
  • Fixing reveal modals w/video issue. Forcing iframe reload when re-opened - 8638964
  • Fix for vertical sliders touch issue on mobile - 9de2ee7
  • More detailed Sass install page, and 2 new Sass pages to expalin project structure & how to use - (, (, (
  • And tons of other fixes and improvements. Includes 95 important commits in this release. #powerful!

You can compare the commits here

5.3- June 19, 2014

  • Adds new component - Switches 1268cc3
  • Adds new component - Icon Bar (ios style tab-bar) 1268cc3
  • Adds new component - Vertical Range Sliders e63beb1
  • All the emitted JS events are now namespaced with .fndtn{.plug-in-name} cf0156d
  • Fixes clearing bug on load for Firefox and Safari browsers f9f38d0
  • Orbit got a version revision and fixes that brings it back to it's last most stable state 060f01a
  • Added disabled state to range-sliders 3f01103
  • Added accordion mixins f10731d
  • Decoupled binding some UI elements from very specific markup (ex: add a class instead of tying styles to ul) f10731d
  • Fixes form select arrow issue in Firefox. f057733
  • And tons of other fixes and improvements. Over 180 important commits in this release. Enjoy it!

You can compare the commits here

5.2.3- May 28, 2014

  • Lots of documentation updates, class options, explanations, markup examples
  • Equalizer can now equalize when stacked, or in block grid 931f047
  • Accordion can now be spread across different parent containers 3acb3e7
  • Adds accessibility classes db38232
  • Joyride Threshold implemented and fixed top option added 9cc7098
  • Added accordion toggle callback 2344a82
  • Offcanvas can now overlap content instead of pushing content 5cc0934
  • Added event bindings and much more to Offcanvas 7a799ba
  • Allow controlling heading sizes on small screens 596d5f9
  • Numerous fixes and changes to Orbit for performance and functionality
  • And tons of other fixes and improvements. Over 320 commits in this release. Boom!

You can compare the commits here

5.2.2- April 3, 2014

  • Numerous fixes and changes to Orbit for performance and functionality
  • Updated _settings.scss to include all variables and options f98b939
  • Equalizer now only calculates height for visible objects d4f2147
  • Off-canvas objects now retain momentum scrolling on iOS 19ff539
  • Fixed the dropdown color variable in top-bar 95e9eca
  • Fixed clearing to allow use of block-grids 64d4b79d
  • Allows decimals in Abide 'number' pattern d69a076a
  • Added block-grid support for XL and XXL viewports when enabled 745dc78
  • Seriously, about a hundred other things. Also resolved over 360 issues for this release. Word.

You can compare the commits here

5.2.1- March 13, 2014

  • Fixed Orbit timer stoping after first slide ea03319
  • Fixes captions in Clearing Viewer ce296f7
  • Adds Orbit vertical scrolling on touch device f2a1f8f
  • Corrected modal dialog z-index 22e42b1

You can compare the commits here

5.2.0- March 5, 2014

  • RTL fix for tooltips 0ec2262
  • Fixes clearing keyboard event bindings fe1a5d5
  • Adds 1:1 touch support to Orbit bdb6dba
  • Add CSS3 animations to Orbit 61fac2e
  • Add range slider component 7dd607b
  • Drop ups, drop lefts, and drop rights support 8eb56c0
  • Added ability to set responsive background-image on divs within interchange ffd8528
  • No longer validate disabled inputs in Abide 5786277
  • Enable Joyride to be reinitialized 794dd8f
  • Remove tooltips if target no longer exists 9c09e28

You can compare the commits here

5.1.1- February 6, 2014

  • Offcanvas RTL fix 27f672a
  • Adds missing namespace declarations in magellan a3d729f
  • Reflow equalizer on initialization otherwise equal height doesn't take affect until window resize 8fb50b3
  • Fixed a bug with a comment and couple properties being over included as a result of an improper export 09ed05e

You can compare the commits here

5.1.0- February 5, 2014

  • Disable tooltips for <a> tags on touch screens to avoid interefering with link and document the edge case c38d3e3
  • Add hover delay variable to Tooltip 33cf987
  • Add upper range to xxlarge media query. 2072ee3
  • Add destination thresholds for magellan. 2bb7134
  • Fix Clearing+Block-grid margin issue. c8781df
  • Lower specificity on {size}-reset-order classes in grid.scss to prevent smaller reset-order classes from overriding larger push- and pull- classes. 2318709
  • Allow data attributes to be namespaced. 774bca5
  • Added Foundation.utils Javascript helper methods.
  • Added foundation.equalizer.js plugin to create equal height content.

You can compare the commits here

5.0.3- January 15, 2014

  • Uses scale-color instead of darken #3287
  • Add reflow to Orbit
  • Add missing large and xlarge visibility classes
  • Add missing variables to _settings.scss file
  • Abide checkbox validation b5e8db5133
  • Fallback to default settings for alerts if no custom settings are provided 0261d71d9d
  • Setting active_class on Magellan fixed f737212e47
  • Fix FastClick header loading issues and Update FastClick a4f88e1969
  • Dropdown callbacks patched fa89000ec2
  • Fix bug where joyride fails to scroll up for next tip fa89000ec2
  • Joyride RTL fixes 99668af63d
  • Dropdowns now auto close ff21a94199
  • Fix Orbit click event to go to next slide e6c4d0a30c
  • Clearing RTL improvements d1f19f77b0
  • Fix Joyride Cookie Detection 357a365e1a
  • Fix to Interchange internal caching 66fc386503
  • Lots of bug and documentation fixes

You can compare the commits here

5.0.2- November 22, 2013

  • Fix issue with clearing images not displaying

You can compare the commits here

5.0.1- November 22, 2013

  • Fixes issue with breakpoint not being properly set on top bar instances
  • Adds em-calc() function back in, references rem-calc()
  • Allows open sans font include to be turned off

You can compare the commits here

5.0.0- November 21, 2013

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